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New Site, New Blog, and Status Update

Posted 2011-12-01 01:30 AM CST by Matt Soukup

Hello World! Smash Bros Classic Dot Welkup Dot Com is back, slightly redesigned, and now with blog. In this new version, we have made things cleaner and a bit fancier. We've moved away from all of that overlay nonsense, as well.

So how 'bout an update on the progress of the game? Well, last time we talked, we had released version 2.0 of the demo. It was riddled with bugs and other "features" that made it borderline unplayable. Back then, we were young... ignorant... and, above all, lacking any proper sense of QA. Since then we have made leaps and strides in the direction of achieving FUN gameplay. Imagine that! I can speak towards the programming, and Sky can update us on the spriting.

The entire engine was rewritten after version 2.0. It has become more object oriented, more memory cognizant, and quite a bit spicier. We have a brand new attack-collision system, a brand new camera system, and brand new character abilities. The quality of the adventure levels has skyrocketed compared to version 2.0. My focus at this time is to make the controls as fluid as possible.

Anyway, now that this website and are taken care of, we look forward to diving back into development. Stay tuned.

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