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New Site, New Blog, and Status Update 2

Posted 2011-12-03 11:06 PM CST by Skylar Welke

Sky here. I just wanted to get in a few words. As far as the site is concerned, expect to see the menu expand as we bring you updates, as well as existing content change as we make revisions to certain aspects of the game. When the ball gets rolling we will get into the habit of making these updates consistent.

As a developer it's encouraging to see your project grow and evolve. At its inception many years ago, it was originally my goal to create a basic one vs one, stock of three, single room demo as a proof of concept. I didn't believe I was qualified to tackle the project in full. I've come to learn that you grow with your project and learn from experience. The progress we've made on the game has exceeded my initial expectations and I believe we'll continue to push it further.

Regarding my personal involvement, most of what you saw in version 2.0 will be different. Arenas have changed to accomodate the newer technical additions and the character's attacking animations have been recreated to improve the gameplay. For instance, from a visual standpoint, Link was my least favorite character in the previous demo. I decided to start over from scratch and now I'm very pleased with the finished product. The other characters have gone through similar makeovers, though not as drastic. Graphically, it's coming along nicely.

Thanks for dropping by. Be sure to visit again in the future. We look forward to your support.

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